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After having three children and trying different exercise regimens that didn't work, didn't last or didn't fit into my lifestyle, I discovered - and fell in love with - Pilates.  What started out as just another exercise class turned into a passion. I could see and feel the difference. Pilates was transforming my posture, core strength, joint mobility and mind-body connection.  My growing passion and love for Pilates was the driving force in becoming a Pilates instructor. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University.  In 2013, I received comprehensive training to become a fully certified Pilates Instructor.  I have been teaching Pilates since January 2014, and I am nationally certified through the PhysicalMind Institute as well as the National Pilates Certification Program. With over 1000 hours of education and training, I continue my study of Pilates through mentorships, workshops, seminars and classes, most notably with: Naomi Leiserson, Carol Appel, Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech, Madeline Black, Courtney Miller, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Maria Leone, Darien Gold and Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall PT, DPT, CPT, CNC.

Furthermore, I have completed the Balanced Body Bridge Program which is a customized continuing education pursuit for comprehensively trained Pilates Instructors. As with most things in life, there is always more to learn and room for growth, and I want to use my extensive training and knowledge to provide the highest quality instruction for my clients/students.  

When I am not immersed in Pilates, you can find me at the beach or bible study...volunteering at My Sister's House (the local domestic violence shelter)...or just spending time with my family and furbabies.

If you want to see some pilates in action, you can follow me on Instagram!  Keep up with all things pilates and get a little mind-body inspiration for your day or week.  You can find me here.

Many Blessings,

Sherri Kellam NCPT PCES

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Before working with Sherri, I had zero flexibility.  After a year of Pilates sessions, I was able to touch my toes.  I have NEVER been able to do that.  Not even when I was a teenager which was a long, long time ago.  I am a Pilates evangelist now.  Take a session with Sherri, you won't regret it.

Lisa D

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Located on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina


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